Welcome to the HOP2IT, LLC job posting board. Below you will find current openings for notary service agents in the State of Florida. Please note that we do our best to keep this listings open, however from time to time you may be contacted directly without a current application if you have an exiting services contract with HOP2IT, LLC.

All positions posted are through certified and validated business partners. We do not do any 'cold call notary' contracts. We care about out notary staff, and make every effort to insure their well being.

For the safety and security of our notaries, clients, and the business in general any required photographs taken during a notary session are strictly prohibited from being publicly posted. All images are property of the client as well as HOP2IT, LLC and are considered privileged information.

All current positions listed are for the State of Florida only.

All notaries must be familiar with HIPAA regulations, both State and Federal restrictions, and current policy updates. More information can be found here.

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