Update** 10:50AM – Our Kangaroo “Dude” was injured this morning, and sadly will not be appearing as hoped. However, we have a stand in who has graciously volunteered to take his place! Brownie the Lemur and friends will be making an appearance to pinch hit for “Dude”. That’s right – a lemur will be appearing live and in person today.
Update*10:00AM – We have just been informed that our mascot, “Dude” the Kangaroo may have been injured at his preserve earlier this morning. We are awaiting further updates as to his condition. While we certainly would rather have him at this event, his health is paramount.
Even if he won’t be able to join us today, we will still have our gathering!
We will be at Brentwood Retirement Community from 12:00PM until 2:00PM with a free Waffle breakfast/lunch! Come out and see some old friends, make new ones, and enjoy some fantastic food!
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