Have you had breakfast with a Kangaroo?

Come meet “Dude” a real, live Kangaroo!

Admission and Breakfast are FREE of charge.

Open to the *Public.

Have you ever had breakfast with a Kangaroo? That’s probably not a question you’ve been asked a great deal, but guess what?!?! Now if you are ever asked, you can answer “Yes, actually I have!”. HOP2IT is bringing our new mascot, “Dude” The Kangaroo live to Cypress Cove Care Center in Crystal River, Florida on May 24th at 10:00AM until 12:00PM. Dude is appearing under special arrangement with Cypress Cove Care Center, and catering will be provided free of charge to residents, staff, and guests (Kangaroo Waffles, of course!).

Breakfast will be prepared and served by The Breakfast Station #9 of Crystal River.

Fore more information please call HOP2IT, LLC at 352-354-7563

*HOP2IT, LLC and Cypress Cove request that anyone entering the facility please adhere to rules and general courtesy. Any behavior found to not be in the best if the residents, staff, or other guests will result in removal from the property. Please do not bring animals to this event without prior written consent from the facility.

Thank you for being courteous. 

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