Guess who’s coming to Brentwood Retirement Assisted Living Facility?

Guess who’s coming to Brentwood Retirement Assisted Living Facility Friday June 28th? That’s right, HOP2IT, LLC proudly presents “Dude” the Kangaroo*! Come on and ‘hop over for a FREE WAFFLE BREAKFAST! Meet “Dude” the Kangaroo, see some old friends, make some new ones – and check off “Breakfast with a Kangaroo” from your bucket list!

Wait, what? A live Kangaroo – yes, “Dude” is very much alive. You have to meet this little guy (while he’s still little) and hear the real life drama that unfolded as he was rescued moments before certain demise.

WHEN: Friday June 28th from 12:00PM until 2:00PM
WHERE:1900 W. Alpha Ct., Lecanto, FL
WHO: HOP2IT, LLC and Brentwood Retirement Assisted Living
WHY: Oh come on, it’s Breakfast with a Kangaroo!!

For more information, please call:

(352)354-7563 (HOP2IT)   -or-   (352) 746-6611 (BRENTWOOD)

*”Dude” the Kangaroo is appearing under special arrangement with HOP2IT, LLC and Brentwood Assisted Living Facility.

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