So, some big news – we are HIRING!


Some big news from the Roos – HOP2IT, LLC is growing .. and hiring!

… but first, a little soap-box time about the “notary contracting world“. Are you a notary provider? Are you dedicated to always giving your best and going the extra mile? Most of us are … and then there are ‘contract houses’ that are in it purely to make a dollar. Now don’t get me wrong, we are all in business to make a profit (I think I read that somewhere). What we have never understood is why these big (typically out of state or even country) firms will take on a notary job, and short-change the provider. We see it all the time. A contract house will get a signing for $500.00, and offer the notary $35.00. C’mon, seriously?

At HOP2IT, LLC we strive to make this a great working experience for all of our In-house, Mobile and Remote Notary contractors. We prefer to form long lasting relationships with our notaries that will be profitable for everyone, and we don’t do it by undermining people or offering them a fraction of a contract. Yes we are competitive, but we do that by the use of technology, and something called hard work. When a client is thrilled with a service – they come back. They refer friends and co-workers. They make our business worthwhile. With all that in mind, why not treat the notary who does the work the same way? The answer is easy – we do.

Thanks to some strategic partnerships, we are growing (in big ways). We are fortunate in the fact that we can now service all 67 counties in the State of Florida.

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