Why doesn’t HOP2IT post client photos?

We were recently asked “Why doesn’t HOP2IT post client photos?” Here is our answer…

Some agents in Florida, and elsewhere post pictures of every client transaction. While taking a picture at an important event (i.e. closing on your first house, etc.) is a good way to memorialize it, you could be inviting trouble inadvertently by making it public. We have all seen that internet scams are on the rise. When you post photos of transactions, you give away tons more personal information than you may think. Let’s use a typical closing for example.

When you post a photo;

  1. You just made public that you’re a new home owner, and you’ve made a large financial purchase.
  2. The locality of the closing gives a good indication of where you’re close to.
  3. If the agent included your names – it’s amazingly easy to track you down (County records for example)
  4. Are you married? If you are there with your husband or wife, now they’d know that as well (plus their name)
  5. Did you include your children in the photo? If so, you are possibly opening the door to unwanted contact.
  6. If you’re a senior citizen, you may be a special target for scams.
  7. Depending on the photo contents, you may have exposed sensitive documents online
  8. … and worst of all, now they have your photo(s) to identify you, and your family.

We all enjoy the fun and thrill of taking pictures, and it’s so easy to do these days – just think about what you’re allowing out when you post it (or your agent does).

We do not post photos, even by request. If you’d like to take a photo during any of our notary processes, please feel free to discuss it with your agent.

If you have had a transaction by another agency who has posted your photos, it is within your right to ask for it’s removal. If you’ve experienced any sort of unusual activity shortly afterwards, contact the Citrus County Sheriffs Dept. at (352) 726-4488 and explain your situation or contact your local law enforcement if you are in another area.

*By policy we do not post images of any of our agents, clients, contractors, etc. during transactions.


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