As some of you may have noticed, our new web site is up and running! We will be piloting new interfaces until January 2024, so if you run across a bug, help us squash it! (and please no comments from the Society to end Bug Squashing – we are talking about computer bugs!!! Shheeesh!)

All kidding aside, our new site is going to be our primary interface for our new B2B offerings. What goes into it? Well, a lot. A lot of hardware, software, coding, coffee, gummi bears, coffee, talent, coffee ….. you can see where this is headed. In other words it’s no small task, but in the end it will totally be worth the effort. We will provide enhanced security services to our online clients as well as an absolutely new way of working. No other notary service provider has it, and our clients will be the first in the nation to get their hands on it!

What’s next? Innovation never stops, and neither do we. Stay tuned to Roo’s News to get the inside news.

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